We breed companies for success!

Incorporated in 2017, HighBreed provides its foundational pillars with sales & marketing, technology, finance, legal and operational support from our seasoned professionals to produce best-in-class companies.

About Us

HighBreed Corporation is a venture capital and private equity firm located in Vaughan, Ontario. HighBreed evaluates new opportunities extensively by assessing a business’ potential regarding capitalization requirements, marketing/sales, operations, and technology, to determine its potential for success.

Once operational, HighBreed provides development capital, legal, accounting, marketing and operational oversight. The team ensures successful operations and sales. HighBreed is always searching for new concepts, ideas, and start-ups. This enables HighBreed to have a steady flow of investments in growth markets that can receive high returns on exit and successfully move forward with new projects.

We call this the ”Evergreen Effect.”

Our Processes

The way we do it

We turn new opportunities into successful businesses. HighBreed evaluates each opportunity to determine if it should move forward. Capital, product, market size, technology required, competition, people and returns drive a yes/no decision. As opportunities become proven, they are integrated into our model as foundational pillars.

How we do it

We support Pillars within HighBreed corporation with technology, capital, finance, legal, and senior management. The pillar will then be able to focus on sales, customer support, and marketing as the pillar becomes more and more successful. HighBreed then eases other business disciplines into the business unit. Each pillar will also have its own leadership and management for the areas of responsibilities within the pillar, and report up to HighBreed senior management.

Where we are headed

As new pillars come on board, the model remains the same. What is required are additional resources and pillar expertise. Throughout the life cycle of a pillar, the keep or sell decision will always be a mandate. This allows HighBreed to exit at a high value in more mature markets and remain Evergreen by leading in emerging industries.

Our Pillars

  • MRKT365: The next-level AI-driven platform that provides online marketing freelancers and acts as a powerful marketplace providing solutions for all of your digital needs.
  • HighBreed Green Grow:  A Canadian-Israeli cannabis private equity firm that operationalizes opportunities in the cannabis industry from seed to sale.
  • HighBreed Developments: A real estate development firm focused on high-demand opportunities.
  • Canada Tax Reviews:  Provides 10-year tax reviews to find missing money for clients, regular tax filing and programs to help eliminate a consumer’s debt.