Intimate knowledge of what it takes to develop, breed, and cultivate CBD cannabis flower is necessary to grow the best certified CBD flower. We are proud to house a team of hard-working connoisseurs dedicated to discovering and developing one-of-a-kind custom strains. Our crew specializes in everything there is to know about cannabis.

Our CBD strains are expertly crafted and cultivated to elevate the quality of your flower products. We engineered our strains to have the highest CBD concentration and the lowest THC content. Magical Tree’s master growers offer top-quality, premium CBD cannabis flowers for your retail store or to use in CBD-based products.

We deliver unparalleled quality in every flower, designed to maximize structure, taste, and smell. Every strain comes with EU-GMP certification from our cutting-edge labs CTAEX with a complete chemical makeup to ensure we deliver the quality you deserve.

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